Vilppu tip immagination - made 20230303

A teacher I’ve learned a lot from, Glenn Vilppu (@glennvilppu), likes to point out that one can’t learn to draw from imagination if one’s not practicing it regularly. It sounds obvious, but it’s really easy to unconsciously avoid things you don’t feel you’re good at.

Most of this page is from observation, but with just the two heads at the center I finally followed the advice. Both have some proportions and alignment issues, but it was still another pleasing mini-milestone: mildly believable heads without a model!

Particularly fun was the head tilted back, on the left, as it’s not a particularly common perspective to encounter. Since this drawing, I’ve found that thinking up unfamiliar things like that are the most fun for imagination-practice.

Drawn 2023-03-03 in pen and ink (usual Noodler Ahab w/FPR #6, and some other pens being tested with FPR’s smaller #5.5), about A5 sized paper. #livemodel #lifedrawing #inkdrawing #fountainpen

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