Sketchbook full o dogs - made 20230212

So I’ve been drawing a LOT the last few months and though my goals are around improving in human anatomy and portraiture, my doggos are just always around. Also they’re my favorite people. So whether I like it or not, 50% of my sketchbook is filled with tiny little studies of their faces and their napping and paws.

The one with the long pointy ears is named (Jadzia) Dax. There’s also a couple in there of my floppy-eared bestie, named Hippo. They’re both tiny little 10-pound~ish terrior mixes. I’m thinking maybe I’ll collage a ton of little dog-nose doodles together into a massive post some time.

Drawn 2023-02-12 pen and ink (Noodler Ahab w/FPR Ultraflex EF), about A5 sized paper. #lifedrawing #inkdrawing #fountainpen

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