Model at Platform private milestone - made 20230208

Another modeled portrait I did a while back, at @platformstudioschicago. This one was a bit of a private milestone.

Frankly this portrait doesn’t look anything like the model and that’s a problem since a big goal I have is to capture likeness reliably. But still this was a pleasing sketch for a different reason: the lower effort it required. Right around this time I found I could often (not always) produce plausible-looking portraits with only a fraction of the time it would’ve taken me a month before. It was an tiny moment where I felt all the textbook/coursework time was paying off. I’ve still got lots I want to improve, but little milestones like this are encouraging and fun.

Drawn 2023-02-08 in pen and ink (FPR Jaipur V2 w/FPR’s own EF Ultraflex nib and Platinum Carbon Black), about A5 sized paper. #livemodel #lifedrawing #inkdrawing #fountainpen

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