Kangaroo tush in dirt - made 20230408

All these are from early last month when I started playing with washes as a quick way to get volume into a doodle.They’re all drawn from observation one weekend at @lincolnparkzoo, but I’ve attached a Kangaroo picture for comparison. It’s so strange seeing a Kangaroo dig a hole for it’s tush in the dirt.

Geeky art-tool details here: I used a Pentel Vistage water brush (and my usual fountain pens) filled with both regular and water-resistant inks. So some of the wash is coming from the water brush’s own ink but some is from the pen’s ink that gets moved around. In more recent drawings - I’ll post some day in the future - I’ve been playing with fude pens as my wash-utensil filled with a diluted Lexington Gray.

Drawn 2023-04-08 in pen & ink (probably a few different pens, a few different inks, and a pentel water brush with Noodler’s Walnut diluted about 6 to 1 with water; the pens have both De Atramentis Red-Black and Noodler’s Chekhov) #zoo #fromlife #inkdrawing #fountainpen #flamingo #lion #snowleopard #gorilla #kangaroo

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