Gorillas in January - made 20230113

These two gorilla studies are from back in January when I re-discovered the wonderful, free @lincolnparkzoo. I’ve been drawing there a lot lately and one of the unexpected delights has been the personality of the younger gorillas. You wouldn’t know it looking at either of these calm-looking profiles I drew, but there’s a hilariously trouble making younger gorilla egging on this adult, clearly trying to get him to play by jumping on his back and just generally being a raucous toddler.

Drawn 2023-01-13 in pen and ink (Noodler Ahab with the delightfully versatile Ultraflex EF no6 nib from @fountain_pen_revolution. Learned about this wonderful setup from @mkompan 🙏), about A5 sized paper #inkdrawing #fountainpen #zoo

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