Anatomy medical skeleton - made 20230227

Been focusing on both portrait and body anatomy.

But despite so many educational sources claiming it’s important to study, I wasn’t sure how useful or relevant it would feel to look at a skeleton or muscles. It just seemed like a stretch to say it would help my drawings. While I did find it mildly useful and interesting with books and diagrams, stumbling upon a full-sized skeleton in person was the most convincing. (This was in a physical therapy space, not a graveyard :P)

Getting to rotate the skeleton around, rotate the wrists and watch the radius turn, etc…​ surprisinglly helpful! I’d definitely recommend this now if you can find one. The biggest surprise from this first session was how much space there is on the side of the body, inside our torsos. Specifically: the distance between the lowest rib and the top of the pelvis could fit a whole palm turned sideways. Looking forward to more sessions with this gangly model.

Drawn 2023-02-27 in pen and ink (Noodler Ahab w/FPR Ultraflex EF), about A5 sized paper. #inkdrawing #fountainpen

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