Chat Directly

Real Way to Reach Me

Ways to reach me, in order of preference:
  1. Chat with me at, directly[1].

  2. If you have my phone number, chat via messenger[1],

  3. Email (PGP: 0x0D602C2 key asciiarmor, or its keyserver listing)

  4. Via, assuming that platform doesn’t die soon.

  5. On IRC (Libera Chat) I’m bridged in and identified as jzacsh[m]

No but where’s your Timeline?

If the above links appear useless because you simply want to know where to "follow" me - I truly don’t upkeep[2] a public profile anywhere (and I haven’t since I last used Facebook around 2006-2009).

But really just email or chat me above and say Hi, and we’ll stay in touch :)

1. Has the benefit of being trivially easy to chat with me privately, unlike WhatsApp, Hangouts, SMS, typical email, etc.
2. The last couple "timelines" I have are as empty as my Facebook has always been, but if you’re curious I’m on the Mastodon network at (and a private